Monday, July 21, 2008


Whew! Summer school was its usual hectic, tiring stint, so I haven't felt up to fostering lately. Now that summer school is over (yahoo!), we were able to take in a new foster dog. This is Dunbar. (We don't name 'em - we just foster 'em.)

Here he is with Jessica. He's a very affectionate dog who loves attention.Dunbar was a stray. We're fostering him because he's got kennel cough which is very contagious(Our dog, Dixie, has natural immunity because of all the fostering we do.) He's a little thin and has a few bite marks from his time as a stray, but is otherwise healthy. He's a great dog - housebroken, doesn't torment the cat, etc. The shelter says he's a basset mix, but we don't see that (other than his large paws). We think he's more likely a Boxer mix (with Lab and God knows what else thrown in!). The girls are already in love with him. :-) (Nope, no more permanent additions for us, though. At least not right now.)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Stamping Frenzy!

Whew! I was really behind in the SCS/FTS Christmas Card Challenge. I just cranked out 10 each of two cards for May and June. Here they are:

Both of these were made from stamps from The Angel Company. The first card is made with the Christmas Fun set. (I love this set! It's one of my favorites.) The second card is made with the Perky Penguins set. He's just so cute!

Here are three cards made with sets that are new to the catalog:

Sets used were: Just Dream, Love & Laughter and Linear Sentiments.

Only one more week of summer school (yahoo!) so I should be posting more regularly (including more stamping projects) soon. Have a great week!