Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Relax / Don't do it / When you want to, go to it... Sorry, I can't say that word without thinking of that song by Frankie Goes to Hollywood. :-)
Now that the insanity of preparing for the family Easter dinner is over, RELAX is the theme of the rest of our spring break! Here's Dixie taking the idea to heart:

When we bought this chair for last year's Easter dinner, we did worry about the cat laying on it. However, I really didn't think that the *dog* would lie on it. Not our 70+ pound dog. Ha! She just curls herself up (sometimes I think Dixie thinks that *she* is a cat!) and lays her head on the arm. Apparently the same logic that said the dog could never fit was as sound as the logic that told us that a cream colored chair in a house with pets was OK in the first place. (Photographs do lie - the chair doesn't look quite as clean in person.) Oh well, she does look awfully cute in that chair. :-)

Considering how early Easter was this year, we didn't do too bad weather wise. We only had a few snow flurries and I swear it felt warmer than last year (which was ridiculously cold for April). Ali was very happy to find the dark chocolate Easter bunny that Peter left her. Ali will eat any chocolate - blame it on all the ice cream cones I ate at Denville Dairy during my pregnancy - but she really loves dark chocolate best.

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