Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Weekend Wrapup

Charleyhorse... Kind of a fun sounding word, right? Definitely not a fun thing to have! Ugh. I got a horrible charleyhorse in the middle of the night Friday and I was still hobbling around Saturday. Charleyhorse is definitely a misnomer!

Other than that, it was a fun weekend. We had a surprise baby shower for one of the members of my book club. (We still managed to discuss the book - Devil in the White City.) Here's the card and a sample paperclip bookmark shower favor that I made for the shower:

I spent Sunday with my scrapping & stamping buddies at my local CM crop, where I'm now a vendor, representing The Angel Company. I didn't get much scrapping done but I had fun, met someone new (Amanda from my Moms' list) and made some sales.

I also participated in Beate's Weekend Sketch Challenge again. I didn't actually make the card until Monday night. One of these days I'll do the Weekend Challenge actually ON a weekend! Here's my card:

The round "baubles" (which threw off a weird light in my photo - sorry) are a very economical version of some popular embellishments. I learned about this great deal over at Lauren Meader's blog. Check it out!

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Dana said...

love that set! How did you make the paperclip so cute??