Friday, December 26, 2008

Color Challenge

This month's Bellaholics Color Challenge is brown, turquoise and white. I didn't have anything that was truly turquoise, so I used aqua. (I think turquoise is a little bluer.) Here's my card:

Here's another Bella. I used this for Jessica's Christmas card - she got a blue Ipod for Christmas.

This is Ali's Christmas card. She loves to watch all the old Christmas specials with me. These are 3 individual stamps. I drew the "ground" to make it look more like a scene and not just like they were all just "floating". I had a lot of fun with glitter, dimensional glaze (deer noses & hooves, Santa's boots) and Fun Flock (deer chest/tails & Santa's beard). Ali loves Santa's fuzzy beard.

A few tips: when buying glitter at the craft store, check out the fabric art aisle. "Stamping glitter" was $1.99 for .25 oz. Tulip "fabric glitter" was $2.99 for .63 oz. Fabric glitter worked the same for me.

Also, before using glitter, wipe your cardstock with a "stamping buddy" (little bag of silica). This makes it much easier to brush off stray bits when you're done applying the glitter.


Christi said...

Wow! All of your cards are fantastic!! Thank you so much for playing along in my challenge!

Danni said...

Super cute cards! Love the color challenge one!

Susan said...

Great cards! Thanks for the ideas about the glitter. I also use things from the sewing side of the store on my cards. Great tips!

cjknick said...

Great glitter tip! And your challenge card... darling!

Courtney said...

All of those cards are great! So cute!