Friday, October 24, 2008

Paper and Pawprints

I've been so busy lately, I haven't had any time at all to take pictures to share! I am actually finding myself with a pretty relaxed weekend (perhaps Fate's attempt to prevent me from having a nervous breakdown? lol) so here goes...

First, the "paper" part of my post - some recent stamping projects. Here's a duplicate of a birthday card that I made for my MIL a week ago:

I love that stamp set. It's designed by Mabelle Ramirez Ortiz. Check out her website: Whimsy and Stars Studios. Heres another variation of the card:

The brown cardstock is from TAC. The rest of the paper is from my huge stash of scraps. Ribbon from Hobby Lobby. Brads from either HL or Michael's - I don't remember. Images colored in with Prismacolor pencils (including a blender pencil).

Here's an A2 (4X5.5) calendar that I made with my Bind It All. (I love that thing!!) I first saw this calendar on the blog, "Confessions of a Ribbon Addict". Rather than spend the $4 for the calendar download on the Amuse site, I decided to make my own calendar pages. I figured "How hard can that be?" ha! ha! (It wasn't actually hard, but more time consuming you'd think getting things right.)

All supplies (except ribbon) by The Angel Company. Paper: A Little Whimsy, stamps: Spring Dream (cover) and Curls & Swirls (inside), cardstock: DCWV, ribbon: Michael's (?). Images are colored with a combination of Tombow and Copic markers and Prismacolor pencils. Scallop circle punch by Stampin' Up!

Lastly, here's a Christmas gift bag I made for a swap. (If you've participated in Avis' giftbag swap and don't want a peek, don't look any further!)

And now for the "pawprints" portion of my post... We've had our share lately of foster dogs, as well.

First, there was May May. Most of the time she really didn't look that much like Tasha. (May May was bigger, leaner with longer, floppier ears) but sometimes, boy did she remind me of Tash. There was a time I couldn't have fostered May May because it would've made me miss Tash too much.

She was certainly not the most cooperative photography subject. Here's Jessica (unsuccessfully) trying to get her to pose for the camera:

As you can tell, May May was a pretty big girl - and she was only 7 months old! Next was Daisy. She had just as much energy as May May but it's a little easier to handle in a much smaller package. :-)

She was an even less cooperative subject. This blurry photo is my only shot!

Our current foster is a 3 month old puppy (beagle/terrier mix, per the shelter) named Taz. He is SO sweet! I have to sneak up on him when he's asleep/resting to get a better picture. He's a real cuddler and only wanted to lay on my lap. Not the easiest angle to get a good picture...

He's all black (except for some white on his chest), so it's hard to see his features. He is cutie in person. The girls have been bugging me for ages to foster a puppy so he was our "experiment" to see how much they'd help watch/take care of one. He is a very easy puppy so they're passing this test with flying colors. (Oh what have I set myself up for?! lol!)

Time to think about going to bed. Jess is marching in the MU homecoming parade tomorrow, so it's an early start for us. It's supposed to get really chilly, too. Yuck! I am not ready for cold weather yet! (Not that I ever am ready, but...)

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Courtney said...

Your projects AND the foster puppies are all SO cute!