Friday, October 10, 2008

A serious moment

I try to avoid posting anything on my blog that someone might take offense to.

But I lay awake at 4:30 this morning, worrying about this. So I'm going to ask you to please read and consider my request.

Thank you.
- - - -

In an election where both sides pledged to be civil, to run a campaign based on issues, not personal attacks, how did we wind up here?

Supporters at recent McCain rallies have been quoted shouting “Terrorist” and “Kill him!” (referring to Barack Obama). Is a candidate responsible for the words of everyone who shows up at a campaign event? No. But they are responsible for the rhetoric that incites such hatred and violence. They are responsible for saying “No. Stop it. This is not OK and I will not tolerate this.”

Maybe you don’t agree with Barack Obama’s policies. Maybe you think his presidency would be disastrous for the country. But remember that Barack Obama is not just a politician. He is someone’s husband, brother, grandchild, father.

To Michelle Obama, Barack isn’t a presidential candidate. He’s the man she fights with, laughs with, makes babies with. The one she intends to spend the rest of her life with. Michelle Obama already had concerns about her husband running for President. Imagine the fear and worry that runs through her heart and her mind when she hears people calling for the death of her husband.

To Malia and Sasha Obama, he isn’t a presidential candidate. He’s Daddy. I know the Obamas try to keep their daughters shielded from the harsher realities of political life. But we all know that our kids don’t live in a bubble. Imagine how they would feel hearing someone called their Daddy a terrorist. Or shouting death threats. Worse yet, imagine those two innocent little girls having to be told that their Daddy has been killed. That he’ll never be there again to tuck them in and kiss them good night, to watch them graduate college, to walk down the aisle, to tell their own funny “ride home from the hospital with the new baby” story.

So, regardless of your political affiliation, your religion, your social views, or the color of your skin, please demand that there be a stop to this before someone gets hurt. Contact the McCain campaign (, your local government representatives, your local paper… whoever it takes to get the candidates talking about the issues, not each other.


Anne said...

Thank you Lisa! I'm in Nebraska, and don't listen to the news all that often, but even I haven't been immune to all the negative attacks on both sides. I wish I could just swear off politics, but it's not that simple. Politics is everywhere, whether we like it or not. Imagine for once, how different the world would be if everyone "grew up" and played by the golden rule!

Thanks SO much for your post!

JavaMel said...

I just wanted to comment on this post (just ran across it today)...I'm not really much for politics and really hate getting into political discussions. HOWEVER, this post was so true. I really love the way you put this into perspective. I think everyone needs to keep in mind that rather than fighting against our new president elect we need to lift him and his family and this country up in prayer. Just pray that he depends on God's council in making his decisions. He now holds a position I would never in a million years care to's way more responsibility than most anyone can handle in their lifetime.

Love your blog, btw.