Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Accordian Mini Album

As promised, I'm posting some pictures of the mini album I made with some 4X6 prints from Sunday's picture taking session. I'm not thrilled with how it turned out overall. In an ideal world I would have had more time and energy to embellish it. Then again, in an ideal world I wouldn't work and would have a housekeeper and a cook. ;-) I am happy, however with how the album itself turned out. I'd never made an accordian album like this and was pleasantly surprised at the results.

The album is constructed of 6X12" pieces of cardstock folded in half and adhered to form an accordian. Either end of the accordian is adhered to a 6X6" cover made of thin cardboard and covered with scrapbooking paper. Here is a picture of the album unfolded.

Here's a closer look at the individual pages:

I am not happy at all with how the cover came out. (This photo doesn't help.) But I'm posting it to show how the album is closed. The ribbon is glued across the back of the album using "red line tape" (super stick double sided tape) and then just tied across the front. It keeps the album together when it's not unfolded.


Chelsea said...

cute mini book ... what a great gift!

Ila said...

This album is Lovely!!...what a Wonderful gift...and your girls are Beautiful!!
Thank you so much for spreading the news of my candy...and sharing a good read...Good Luck!!...Hugs, Ila