Tuesday, May 12, 2009


No, I'm not referring to my favorite Basic Grey paperline. :-) It was a bittersweet night tonight - Jessica's last junior high concert. Her school's long-time, much beloved choir director retired last year and we all worried about having a new teacher. We worried for nothing - Mr. Melton has been wonderful! His enthusiasm and love of music is contagious.

All the girls in Delphian choir have to wear this dress, which they all call "the Smurf dress". I love it though - anything that gets that girl into a dress! LOL!

Here's one of the songs they sang. (I missed the very beginning - sorry!) You'll have to pardon the visuals - I'm including this for the audio. :)


Diana said...

Oh, so sweet! You guys have been so busy lately ...

Love to Doodle! said...