Friday, May 8, 2009

"Formal" Events

Last night was Ali's recorder concert. The kids all did a good job. They played some pretty complicated songs for 4th graders with recorders, including Amazing Grace and Ode to Joy. I can't say anything because I *hate* to get dressed up, but I wish my kids got dressed up more often. She looks so pretty dressed up! (Not that she isn't always cute, but you know what I mean...)

Tonight was the big event - Jessica's 9th Grade Formal. Her friend Tessa's parents are members at the local country club, so the kids met there first for pictures and appetizers.

My "baby" all grown up. (Well, almost.)

It's a good thing she was happy with that dress because it sure did take us a LONG time to shop for it! ;-)


Cheri said...

The girls look really nice. Congratulations on getting "dressed up" photos of them again. My 4th grader, Zachary, didn't have a recorder concert even though he had to practice/learn recorder this year at school too. I wonder if they would have been able to do the songs your daughter did.

Velta said...

gee I remember the recorder days...all of these children are just precious, especially yours :)

Diana said...

OMG. Do you just gasp when you look at pictures sometimes? Like, where did the time go???

I know how proud you are, and you darn well should be! They are both so beautiful, and that is a STUNNING dress!