Friday, January 22, 2010

Fab Friday - Scrappers' Edition

My Fab Friday posts are normally geared more towards stamping, so I thought I'd share a scrapbook tip instead.

At the annual weekend retreat my CM rep, Jill Overton, throws every Fall we always have optional "breakout sessions". This year's sessions were a little different from the past and were technique based, rather than project specific. This great checkerboard design was one of the techniques demonstated:

Here are the left and right pages up close:

As you can see, I had to fudge a bit on my right hand page in order to fit in the family photo. That's the great thing about this layout - it is so versatile. You can fill all the blocks with pictures, or use one or more for a page title, journaling, etc. You could certainly use a piece of background paper for your pages, but I adhered mine directly to the white page. I thought there was enough color in all the photos and didn't want my page to be too busy.

This is a great layout for fitting in a lot of pictures into a 2 page spread. (I still take too many Christmas photos - I have two other double layouts from this year! Bad Lisa!) It is a little disconcerting at first cutting all of your photos into 3.75 X 3.75 squares. Soon, though, you realize that it is OK to you crop off things you wouldn't ordinarily crop - it's not the end of the world to cut off things like someone's elbow. You learn to include the true focal point of each photo.

I hope you enjoyed this week's Fab Friday!


Danni said...

Great pages!

KymKreates said...

I think that is a great way to get allot of picture in one layout!

Stacy said...

Ahh great layout! I love it when you see a lot of pictures instead of just 2 or 3!