Thursday, February 26, 2009

A forever home

My best news this week? That our former foster dog, Frederick, has found a forever home! (How's that for some alliteration?!)

We fostered Frederick during Christmas for a week or two. He was a really sweet and wonderful dog, but being an experienced foster family, we knew Frederick would be a hard dog to place. He was sweet. He was housebroken. He was good with pets and children. But he was LARGE.

I would check our shelter's Petfinder listings periodically to see if he was still there. I noticed last weekend that he wasn't apppearing in the listings anymore. It was one of those things - was it worse to know what happened or to think I knew what happened? Fortunately, our foster coordinator emailed me the other day to tell me that Frederick had been adopted last weekend. Yay, Frederick! (Now just don't yank your new owner's arms out when he/she takes you for a walk...)

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