Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hearts and Roses

Happy Valentines Day! First the hearts... This is a box I decorated and filled with Dove chocolate hearts for Ali's teacher. I'm not really happy with how it came out, but that's what happens when you get home at 9 PM on a weeknight and have to make something before you go to bed!

I wanted to show it to you anyway to show you the cute diecut boxes you can get from my fellow Angel, Donna on her site, K&A Diecuts. If you buy from her, let her know I sent you!

Now for the roses. Well, *a* rose. Well, actually a Rosencrantz! This is our latest foster, Rosencrantz. We're calling him R.C.

He's a real sweetie. I'll have to get some better pictures of him. He's all back except for a white "bib" on his chest and two white front paws. DH says he looks like he's wearing a tux. :-)

Happy Valentines Day!

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Chelsea said...

I love your little box for the teacher ... nice job!