Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ribbon Storage

I buy most of my ribbon at Michaels or Hobby Lobby on spools that fit nicely in my stacked ribbon storage boxes from Michaels:

However, I have some ribbon that isn't on a spool. Either it didn't come that way or it's a piece leftover from a spool. One day while blog surfing, I saw an idea for making your own ribbon hangers on a stamping blog. I couldn't remember what they used for their plastic when it hit me - I had a TON of empty GWP boxes. (GWP stamps are "Gift With Purchase" stamps that The Angel Company gives to customers FREE with every $30 purchase.)

I cut off the half of the box that already had the tab with a hole in it, because the hangers would need to be put onto binder rings (from the office supply store). Using my Making Memories slot hole punch (meant for punching holes into cardstock to thread ribbon through), I made 3 sets of double slots, staggered from left to right.

Here's how the ribbon threads through:

Here's what all my ribbon looks like now that it's on the tabs which have been hung onto two separate binder rings:

I only did this with my longer pieces of ribbon. I keep my little scraps on a decorative glass jar that I picked up at a garage sale. I try to use those pieces first to keep the jar from getting too full.

Another cool use for those empty GWP boxes? They are just the right size to hold my MM slot punch!


StampinCarol said...

Great idea!! I may have to "borrow" this! Thanks for sharing!

Barb said...

I love this! I'm still wading in GWP boxes... this would be a great use for them!

Girl With the Gadgets said...

What a great idea Thanks for sharing..

Bridgett said...

I thought GWP boxes would be fun to put some ribbon samples in but I had never envisioned this. What a fantastic idea!! Thank you for sharing!