Saturday, April 11, 2009

Here Comes Peter Cottontail...

Sorry for not posting any cards today! It was time for the monthly crop that I do with my friend & CM rep, Jill Overton. We made a cute Easter card where I demo'd sponging & masking. What time that wasn't spent at the crop was spent getting ready for the big annual family Easter dinner and helping the Easter Bunny to make his annual visit. :-)

I'm just watching the end of "Here Comes Peter Cottontail". (Yes, this is a kids' movie and I'm way too old to watch it, but it's not Easter until I do.) Think Rankin and Bass, Danny Kaye, catchy little songs, talking Easter bonnets, etc... If (like me) this fills you with a nostalgic euphoria, check this out this trailer. You cynics out there are going into sugar overload, I'm sure! ;-)

Anyway, back to the stamping.... In the movie, Peter sleeps through Easter and loses the egg delivering contest to become the new Head Easter Bunny. Instead, the new Easter Bunny is a vile, cranky old rabbit named Iron Tail. (Although if some kid rode over my tail, I think I might be cranky, too!) Peter then spends the movie traveling through time (and various holidays) trying to get back to Easter for a contest re-match. Tomorrow I will post some "through the holiday calendar" cards. Will Peter and I make it to Easter? Come back tomorrow and find out! :-)

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